Baller Dream Foundation

Posted by Ellen Bordinhao on

The Janiestrong Foundation donated to the Baller Dream Foundation which provides various levels of support to alleviate stressors families encounter throughout their cancer journey. Serving children and young adults aged 0-29, they develop lasting relationships to create an environment where kids feel supported, families feel connected, and communities feel inspired. A Baller refers to someone who has style, skill and is at the top of their game.  Ballers are incredibly resilient and courageous and have a conquer-cancer mentality.  The Baller Dream Foundation provides emotional and financial support through four primary programs. 

Dream Gifts & Experiences- providing  once-in-a-lifetime trips, celebrity and sports experiences, major gifts and more to our cancer warriors. 

In-Hospital Programming- from crafts & activities with in-patient Ballers to stocking the hospital’s birthday supplies or providing highly requested items to help make their days in treatment a little brighter. 

Financial Assistance- offering everything from gas and grocery cards, to rental support and stop-gap bill payment to help our families keep the lights on (literally!)

Community Events- providing fun events that are free for our Ballers and their families, giving them the chance to connect with others who understand the difficulties they are facing. 

We are proud to support this cause.