Cure 4 The Kids - The Story of Janie Bordinhao

Posted by Janie Strong on

To celebrate their 10th anniversary of fighting and fundraising, Cure 4 The Kids Foundation held their annual Circus Couture event. An event focused on fundraising to help continue the fight against childhood cancer, we were honored C4TK chose to share Janie's story in front of over 1,200 people. The fundraising event raised an impressive $300,000 and was held at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel. All proceeds will support the treatment of childhood cancer patients, including those underinsured, uninsured, or unable to pay for services.

Cure 4 The Kids played an instrumental role throughout Janie's Leukemia fight and the Bordinhao family wants to be sure we continue to honor Janie's legacy while also supporting C4TK. The JanieStrong Foundation is working towards supporting a classroom at Cure 4 The Kids where children can continue to receive academic support while undergoing treatment.

Thank you for all your support, donations, and love. Together, we're all #JanieStrong.