Janiestrong Foundation Supports Project Marilyn & Bowling Event

Posted by Ellen Bordinhao on

Grief can make us appropriately inward-focused. Venturing out into the world, we look for the good in everyone we meet so we may connect our personal stories of love and loss to the stories of everyone in humanity. Open and nonjudgemental ways of interrelating with others acknowledges our shared humanity. We know that this ritual, once ingrained, can transform our experience of life. 

Project Marilyn was inspired by the desire for every individual to have dignity with their period. PERIOD. Personal hygiene supplies are the least donated supplies when the community wants to help. Project Marilyn assembles kits and distributes them to other nonprofits. The Janiestrong Foundation donated supplies to assemble these necessary kits. 

Cure 4 The Kids held their annual Bowling For The Kids at Red Rock Casino this month. The Janiestrong Foundation sponsored a lane for the seniors to bowl. Patients graduating this year were honored at this event for their perseverance and hard work managing school while undergoing a cancer diagnosis. It was a very moving moment watching those proud seniors turn their tassels. I look forward to the good things to come for each one of them. Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit. 

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